A List Of The Best Events Happening At Hedonism II Each Month In 2018

A List Of The Best Events Happening At Hedonism II Each Month In 2018

A vacation at Hedonism II is always an extraordinary experience regardless of when you go, especially for first-timers. However, after organizing Hedonism events for over 10 years and being at Hedonism at least once every single week in the year, I can say without a doubt that the best possible time to be at Hedonism II is when a big group or two is in-house. It’s nothing short of euphoric when the Nude Pool is packed and buzzing in the afternoons, hundreds of people dressed in sexy and bizarre costumes at night, the nightclub is packed after midnight, and the playroom and hot-tub is steaming hot until close to sunrise. The Hedonism experience is fully alive when the hotel is at its capacity or close to. If you are looking for a quiet week at Hedonism II to sunbathe naked and meet a few like-minded people, then this list may not be for you ;) However, if you are looking to party your ass off for a week like you are a teenager all over again, then here is a list of the best weeks to go to Hedonism II in every Single Month of 2018.

January - Kamasutra Fest

January at Hedonism II is infamously known as “Swingers Month”, and once upon a time, you would have to book at least 6 months in advance to get a room at Hedonism especially in the month of January, especially during the two middle weeks. This was until a group showed up 9 years ago known as “Kamasutra” and that group took over the 4th week of January and within 3 years, Hedo Kamasutra Week was the hottest and most popular week in the Month of January. The Hedo Kamasutra Crowd was younger, more excited and ready to party and that they did.

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February - Fluffernutters Winter Group

Unlike many Hedonism Groups that ran out of gas after a few great years, the Fluffernutters remain one of the few long-standing Hedonism Groups that is still popping today. They have the type of crowd that you would consider “Real Hedonist”, and that crowd remains loyal to the event and for this reason, the Fluffernutters Winter Group continues to be an annual Sold Out Hedonism week.

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March - Young Swingers Week

What you have to love about these guys is that they say what they mean and they mean what they say. Young Swingers Week is one of the fastest growing Hedonism Groups, and they literally only accept couples that they consider falls under the definition of young. If you are over 50, your chances of getting in are slim to none. Like it or not, it is clearly working as the demand for this week continues to increase and the people that show up at the event, for the most parts represents the name of the event.

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April - Dirty Perv Week

These guys are another one of the hot up and coming Hedonism Groups, and even though the April group is not a sold out event just yet, if you are going to be at Hedonism II in April, then this would be a good time to go. The group leaders are fun, wild and crazy and most importantly, they are great people, and their energy is reflected in the entire group.

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May – Mocha Fest

Mocha Fest is very different from every other event or group that has made it on this list. It is one of the few weeks out of the year at Hedonism II where the crowd is predominantly African Americans, with a large number of singles. If you don’t like loud music, hip hop and late night parties, then this party is not for you. The event has been around for only 5 years and happened over the Memorial Weekend holiday each year. Mocha Fest is the closest thing you get to a mainstream party at Hedonism and to say that the hotel is completely packed for this event is an understatement.

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June - Exotic Lifestyle Retreat

June is not the most popular month out of the year for Hedonism. The hotel is mostly quiet for most of the month except for the last week when the Exotic Lifestyle Retreat takes place. The week features a wide variety of seminars and exotic entertainment and is ideal for singles looking to meet other singles in a Hedonistic environment and for couples that are curious and looking to enhance their sex life.

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July - S.O. F Summer Fest

This is the only time on this list that you can say I am being biased. I am OK with that because sometimes in life you have to be especially when the people you are talking about have the track record to justify your reason for being biased. July is one of the busiest months at Hedonism II, and most of July Hedonism is completely sold out. However the Sexy Open-Minded Festival is a new product launched by VACATIONPARTIES.COM that will be hosted at Hedonism II for the first time over July 4th holiday and knowing what I know about VP, this party will be insane. If you look at the itinerary, you will see that never before has Hedonism II seen an event like this, and S.O.F promises to be the best combination of Mainstream Entertainment and Sexy Lifestyle experiences Hedonism II has ever seen.

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August - Fernello’s Fantasy Island

There are not many sold out weeks in the Month of August, and not too many big events to write about. So we will instead feature this new event that’s coming to Hedonism II that we are super excited about. This event will be hosted by one of the most incredible body painters I know, and the 5 days will feature international models, photographers and artists from all over the world. It won’t be your typical Hedonism lifestyle week, but if you are a big fan of looking at hot babes in bikini, or naked, of you are just a fan of cool art like myself (wink wink) then this will be a great time to be at Hedonism II.

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September - Tease Um Bikini

If August at Hedonism II is quiet, then September is a ghost town. However, if you can only go to Hedonism II in September, you might as well go when there is some Eye Candy. The Annual Tease Um Bikini Calendar shoot takes place at Hedonism II in the month of September, and unlike your typical group of models, these girls actually party and mingle with the rest of the crowd.

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October - Halloween Week

It is Halloween every single day of the year at Hedonism II. Hedo guests do not normally need a time of the year or any special reason to dress up in Costumes. This does not mean that they are not just as excited about Halloween as the rest of the world. Since inception, Halloween has been one of the busiest times of the year at Hedo, especially because the day right after Halloween it is the hotel’s big anniversary celebration. The crowd for this week is a little on the older side just in case that information matters to you.

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November- Dirty Perv Week

It’s these guys again showing up in the Month of November. This is actually the original group and the bigger of the two weeks hosted by the “Dirty Perv” group at Hedonism II. There are other good weeks in the month of November like Thanksgiving and a few groups in the middle of the month that do a good job of throwing a party, but if I had to put my money on a good time, I would bet on these guys.

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December - New Years Eve Celebration

The week of New Year's Eve is pretty much the only time of the month it is worth going to Hedonism II in December. Unless your intention is just to escape for a week of mostly relaxing nude vacation. I must be honest in saying that the New Year’s Eve party is not what it use to be in years past, but it’s still a full house of wild, fun crazy hedonist and as long as there is a crowd at Hedonism II, it is always a good party.

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