Top 5 Summer Beach Party Locations In Europe

Top 5 Summer Beach Party Locations In Europe

It’s summer!! We all know what happens every year when this time of the year shows up. Party seekers head to Europe to enjoy weekends at some of the hottest party destinations in the world. European cities are not just home to some of the world’s most incredible and ancient architecture, they are just as popular for their incredible nightlife and mind-blowing happy hour beach parties. This is why Europe is a top backpacking destination during the Summer months, especially during the months of July and August. In this article, we will highlight the top 10 locations for an incredible beach party experience if you are considering partying in Europe during the Summer.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

The Greek islands are known for their incredible parties during the Summer. Just close your eyes and pick an island anytime between June and September and chances are, you will experience great food and incredible nightlife. However, none of those islands come close to the Island of Mykonos when it comes to Summer beach parties. Thanks to the very famous Paradise Beach, home to probably the most famous happy hour beach bar in the world, Tropicana. Around 4:00 pm every day, people from all over the island making their way to Tropicana, and by 6:00 pm, the place is a shit-show with topless females dancing on the bar and everyone soaked in Moet from the hundreds of bottles of champagne bought for the sole purpose of champagne showers. Anything can happen at any time during a happy your party at Tropicana, this is why if you are in Mykonos for a few days, you do not want to miss a single party.

Playa D’en Bossa, Ibiza

Ibiza is considered the house Music capital of the world, and for a very good reason. Name your top 5 house music DJ’s and I can bet you at least 3 of them will be playing at a club in Ibiza at least once during the summer. Playa D’en Bossa is the most popular beach in Ibiza and home to the islands most incredible hotels and beach venues. Hard Rock Cafe, Bora Bora, and my personal favourite, Ushuaia hosts daily concerts between the hours of 4 pm and 10 pm, featuring top Deejays such as David Guetta, Afrojack, Nervo, you name it. These parties host as many as 10,000 people every day, all of whom will pay at least 50 Euros to get in. Yes, Ibiza is not the cheapest party destination in the world but there is no denying that the experience is worth every penny.

Zrce Beach, Croatia

Croatia is definitely among your top European party destinations. Thanks to party-centric locations like Zrce Beach. Zrce beach is a picturesque stretch of beach located on the Island of Pag, in the Northern part of the Croatian coast. There are 4 major clubs on this one Kilometre stretch of beach, Aquarius, Kaypso, Noa and Papaya. In between those clubs, there are a few other small bars and the parties are pretty much 24hours, non-stop. This is definitely not where you want to be if you are looking to get a little bit of rest time on your vacation. However, for party lovers, Zrce Beach is paradise.

Aiya Napa, Cyprus

Located just south of Turkey, is a Mediterranean island known as Cyprus. Cyprus is one of the most underrated party destinations in the world, and if you do not believe me, let’s take a trip to Aiya Napa. How about a resort with 90 bars, 12 clubs, 150 different places to eat and daily pool and beach parties. Throughout the summer, many major festivals and events are hosted at Ayia Napa, many of which include top international artists and Deejays. There is no doubt that Ayia Napa is the biggest and hottest resort in the Mediterranean and an ideal vacation destination for those looking for a great European destination to party.

Magaluf, Majorca

Magaluf is another one of Europes top holiday resorts, located on the Spanish island of Majorca. This beach resort is home to the biggest Nightclub in all of Europe, BCM Planet Dance plus other hotspots such as Bananas, Boomerang and scores of other clubs hotspots, which makes Magaluf a clubbing and partying paradise. It’s quite normal to find major international Deejays playing at one of the clubs in Magaluf. Pool and Foam parties are a part of your daily menu and you can pretty much find action for as long as you can stay awake.


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