20 Images That Explains Exactly What Fantasy Vacations Are All About

20 Images That Explains Exactly What  Fantasy Vacations Are All About

For almost a decade, AVP has been created life-changing fantasy vacation experiences for open-minded adults from all parts of the world. For those that have had the privilege of experiencing and AVP event, they will know exactly what I mean when I say there is nothing to compare those experiences to. If you have never been on an AVP hosted vacation, hopefully, these images will tell the story. Check out these 20 images that explain exactly what being on a fantasy vacation with AVP is all about.


1. Wild Parties

Like our name says "Adult Vacation Parties". We take the "Parties" part very seriously and we have been doing so since our first event in 2009. When you attend an AVP event, expect the parties to be abundant and the energy to be very high.

2. Adventure

Life is too short for you not to make the most of every second. You may not have enough opportunities to do something adventurous when you are in your normal world, but when on vacation with AVP, we encourage you to live on the edge.

3. Having An Open Mind

When open-minded adults are looking for a place where they can be amongst like minded people, they come on a vacation with AVP. Regardless of who you are and your sexual preferences, all are welcomed to join us and be whomever they want to be.

4. Playfulness

"When the kids are away, the adults will play." That is our new slogan and thousands of people have represented it over the past 8 years.

5. Being In Paradise

Another part of our name we take very seriously is "Vacation". When you go on a vacation you expect to be somewhere very close to paradise and we ensure we take you there. All AVP's events are hosted at some of the most beautiful destinations in the world and out guests get to enjoy the best of all the different experiences.

6. New Experiences

Expect to try new things when you vacation with AVP. It does not matter how big or small it is, being on a vacation with AVP is all about new experiences and we provide the environment to make it easy.

7. Living Out Fantasies

Our vacation would not be much of a Fantasy Vacation if you were not able to live out your fantasies. We do not guarantee it, but you will never get a better opportunity. Open minded people, all inclusive alcohol, a sexy tropical destination, what else do you need?

8. Amazing Hosts

AVP would not be what it is today if it wasn't for the incredible people behind the scenes making it all happen. Your AVP host crew lead by Ladydee, take special pride in making every guest feel welcomed and involved. Regardless of how big the event may be, it is almost impossible to leave an AVP event without getting even a few minutes of personal time with one of the team members.

9. Complete Freedom

We spend most of our lives living in a box. One created by our surroundings and those in it. When you come on an AVP vacation, it is your opportunity to break free from that box, if it's even for a week and experience what it means to truly be free to be who you are.

10. Good Humour

What is a vacation if it does not have good humour amongst like minded people. Our guests are not afraid to be silly and share a good laugh and you will have more than ample opportunities for that to happen.

11. Intimacy

Living our your fantasies does not always mean it has to involve others. It could just be between you and your partner. Sometimes all you need is the right environment to re-ignite that flame and share some passionate intimate moments with each other. Our vacations will help you do that.

12. Light Heartedness

We all live our lives taking everything way too seriously. Sometimes it's OK to let you guard down and just have fun with whatever it is you are doing. Your normal world may not allow you that luxury, but when on an AVP vacation, we insist that you do.

13. Friendships

Over the past 8 years, we have been able to maintain a customer retention rate of over 70%. A large part of that is due to the incredible friendships that are formed amongst our guests during the events. People meet other people that end up becoming their best friends for life. It's very natural and likely for that to happen when you are in an environment with others searching for the same things that you are.

14. Participation

Some of us prefer to watch; others like to participate. Both are necessary for creating an incredible experience. For those of you that are not afraid to put yourself out there and be a little silly for the sake of a good time, you are the people that make our events so special. Participation is never mandatory but always encouraged.

15. Dressing Up

Costume parties are not just reserved for Halloween. Not when you are on vacation with AVP. Our guests get the opportunity to explore their Alter Egos and dress up in different fantasy costumes and themes as much as they please.

16. Clothing Optional

Everything is an option when you vacation with AVP. Even Clothes. All our events are hosted at clothing optional resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico and even Europe.

17. Encouragement

Sometimes getting out of that box requires a little bit of help from others. When on a vacation with AVP there will be no shortage of volunteers offering support and encouragement to help you break those barriers and take that next step. Whatever that means for you.

18. Giving Back

It has been a part of our events since the very start, and today we continue to find a way to give back to our guests. From welcome gift bags stocked with goodies to incredible prizes to complimentary pole dancing and sex education classes.

19. The Ladies

There are not too many places where sexually confident and open minded females can go to be fully self-expressed and feel safe. That is why both females that are a part of a couple or single females enjoy being on an AVP vacation. They are allowed to be sexy and playful without being harassed or feeling judged.

20. Everyone

AVP vacations are for anyone and everyone. As long as you are open-minded, respectful and looking to have a fantastic time, then you will fit right in with the rest of our guests. The only thing we ask is that you respect and accept others for who they are.


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