What To Pack For Your Vacation To Hedonism II

What To Pack For Your Vacation To Hedonism II

Getting ready for your vacation to Hedonism II is almost as exciting and fun as being at the resort. Of course, packing for any vacation is exciting, knowing that you get to be somewhere beautiful and warm where you can relax and have fun, but packing to go to Hedonism is way different from your usual holiday preparation.

So what do you need in your suitcase when going to Hedonism?

1. Costumes

What makes Hedonism distinct from any other hotel in the world is that you get to be whomever you want for a week, without anyone judging you. Hedonism has it’s own theme nights and costume parties for you to participate in. If you are travelling with a group, you may also have their own itinerary of theme nights and special events that require dressing up. You can also feel free to create your own theme each night and live out any fantasy you wish. It’s Hedonism II, and no one judges.

2. Condoms

And why exactly would you need condoms? Well, you probably don’t if you are going just to be with your partner who is entirely ok. However, most people that go to Hedonism end up having sex with some stranger that you may never see again. Of course, you can buy condoms at the resort gift shop, but that may not always be convenient. Have all the fun in the world but still remember safety and plan accordingly

3. Extra Sun Block

Bring SPF 200 if there is such a thing just for your genital area. It will be hot every single day in Jamaica, and It’s not fun to get sunburnt, but it's even worse when you burn your essential parts. Who wants to be at Hedonism II for a full week and cannot have sex. If you plan on running around naked, bring some extra strong sunblock to protect your genitals.

4. Drink Mug

People go to Hedonism II for two things. Drinking and Partying. Both of those two things will be there in unlimited supply, but it can be a pain in the ass getting up from a good conversation or from your lounge chair to grab a drink every time you feel thirsty. Bring an insulated mug that you can fill-up, and it will last you for a while to reduce the number of trips to the bar.

5. A Waterproof Pouch

If you are going to be naked most of the time, that also means no pockets. You will need to keep your room keys somewhere, and even though they say no tipping is allowed, you may want to slip your bartender a couple dollars for great service occasionally. Some people also like to carry around a pre-rolled Jamaican cigar (if you know what I mean), and a waterproof pouch is the best solution for all these use cases.

6. A First Aid Kit

Electrolytes, multi-vitamins, antihistamines are all useful items to add to your Hedo preparation kit. When you plan to drink and party all night, chances are your immune system may get completely compromised and you will need some pharmaceuticals to help you recoup. You can buy these items at the resort gift shop, but you will pay triple the price and have way fewer options.

7. Lube

With all the new restrictions on luggage pieces and weight, you don’t want to use up all your room on items that weigh a lot. However, packing a few packets of lube is not a bad idea as it may become necessary on a few nights when the after party fun goes way into the morning.

8. Name Tags

Once you are at Hedo, you will notice a lot of people walking around with a beaded necklace spelling out their name. Some people use their real names others make one up. Whichever you choose to do, it is a great way to get people to remember who you are as most times they will be too drunk to remember what you tell them. Making friends is a big part of your Hedo vacation, and it’s nice when your friends can call you by a name.

9. Batteries

You may choose to pack your sex toys, or you may end up buying a new one to try from the Hedonism gift shop while you are there. Sex toys need batteries, and they are very expensive to buy from the gift shop so pack your own if you plan on buying or bringing sex toys. You can’t just rely on stealing the ones out of the TV remote because they may not always work.

10. An Open Mind

Don’t leave your house to go on a vacation to Hedonism II without an open-mind. You will see and possibly experience a lot of the things that you have never experienced before. Judging is not welcomed, and non-indulgence is ill-advised. Do your best to let loose and allow yourself to have as much fun as you possibly can.


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