What I like Best About Each Lifestyle Resort

What I like Best About Each Lifestyle Resort

Most frequent travellers have a list of their top places to visit, and each has a reason why they have chosen those places or that place. Once you have travelled to a few different destinations, you start to establish which of these locations you would go back to, because there is something about this destination(s) that you find captivating.


After travelling and spending significant time at all the resorts that are “Swinger Friendly,” we have established that each of these hotels offer a unique and very special characteristic that would have you go back over and over again, just to keep getting that one thing that you spend your entire year looking forward to.

This is our list of number one things about each hotel:

Hedonism II – The Party


Located at the tip of the beautiful seven mile white sand beach in Negril Jamaica., Hedonism II is  a legendary clothing optional adults only fantasy resort, that welcomes both couples and singles.  For the more adventurous travellers, this is a perfect venue for an out-of-the-box wild party vacation experience. The guests at Hedonism II are overly friendly and you feel welcomed immediately, the minute you set foot on this resort.  What we love most is; the non-stop party atmosphere. This place never sleeps. They have a full team of entertainment coordinators that works day and night, running games and other activities that always have you engaged. The nighttime themed parties and main stage shows, always create the perfect combination of humor and entertainment to go with dinner. The main stage shows are just the beginning of your night as the action continues until the wee hours of the morning from the ever-so-lively piano bar and nightclub. At 3:00am, when the main areas seem quiet, check the nude hot tub, the party is still very much alive, and things are just starting to heat up.

Hedonism II plays second to none when it comes to providing a crazy party. If you like to party, and that is the main reason for your vacation, whether you are a swinger or not, you can never go wrong with Hedonism II.

Desire Riviera Maya – Sexy and Luxurious


Located in the Mexican Mayan Riviera, Desire Resort Riviera Maya has taken the lifestyle and clothing optional travel market by storm over the last five years. The price point for this hotel is a little on the high side, but yet it is mostly sold out and this is with good reason. If you are that traveller that want’s to be sexy and naked but you still prefer a luxurious venue that provides four plus star accommodations, Desire Resort Riviera Maya, has managed to accomplish both.

From the spectacular passion suites, to the scores of comfy gazebos conveniently placed all over the resort, this hotel makes being sexy and relaxation easy to accomplish.  The rooftop hot tub at nights is a must and we make it a routine part of our itinerary when we are there.

With approximately 100 rooms, small and intimate, Desire Riviera Maya has a specific niche, which is providing an upscale sexy experience for the fantasy traveller with a little bit more money to spend.

Desire Pearl – Aesthetics


Desire Pearl Resort, like its sister property Desire Riviera Maya, is located in Cancun Mexico. Desire Pearl was recently established, designed to be the cream of the crop when it comes to offering luxury to fantasy travellers.

They have definitely accomplished one thing; this place is absolutely gorgeous. When you enter the lobby, you definitely feel like you are about to check into one of those executive villas on a private island that you just paid twenty thousand a night for.  The restaurants, the spa, and all the resort amenities just look amazing. The hot-tub area is my favorite place on the resort, and the rooms are not too shabby as well.

Desire Pearl averages about six hundred per night and when you are there, the surroundings make you feel like you are staying at a six hundred dollar a night hotel.

If nothing else is of any great significance, and all you need is a place to get naked and make you feel rich at the same time, going to Desire Pearl will do just that.

Caliente Caribe – Privacy/ Setting

Caliente Caribe, located near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, was first built as a nudist, time-share community. Over the last four years, they have been transitioning into a more swinger-focused resort, which is great for us as it offers yet another fantasy travel option.

If you truly want discretion, and intimacy, this resort is perfect for hiding away for a week of naughty fun. The grounds are spectacular, covering over one hundred and twenty acres of secluded beachfront paradise. The odds of someone you know, bumping into you on this beach is little to none, as there is no way to get onto the beach at Caliente except by checking into the resort. The view is to die for and depending on when you are there, you can look forward to the occasional feature performance from the whales out in the ocean.

Temptation – Affordability


Temptation resort is located in Cancun Mexico, owned and managed by Original Resorts, the same company that manages the Desire Properties. This hotel is topless only, and not exactly a lifestyle resort. More like sexy with a twist.

However, if you are a fantasy traveller on a budget, most of the major lifestyle hotels like Hedo and Desire, will tend to be on the high side of the price line, so Temptation becomes a very viable cost effective alternative. Timing is a key factor when booking Temptations, as you may end up there on a dead week with not much to do, but when the occupancy is fairly high, this place has a good enough energy and sexy vibe happening, to satisfy your fantasy travel needs while not over extending the pocket book.

Caliente Tampa – Weekend Parties

Caliente Tampa, very much like Caliente Caribe, was built mainly as a nudist time-share community. To increase cash flow, these hotels have now tapped into the swingers travel market since they love to drink and party.

I wouldn’t recommend you booking a full week at Caliente Tampa if you are looking for a party, as the weekdays are typically very quiet. However, is you are in the mood for a quick weekend party get-away, this hotel is not a bad option. Every weekend, a different lifestyle promoter brings a party group to the hotel, and the vibe is very much alive, Friday through to Sunday.

There day pass option makes it ideal for couples in the area to stop by for one of the parties, so you can always expect a steady flow of couples coming in and out for the entire weekend. If you are in Tampa and feeling frisky on a Sunday, you can check out their Skinny-dip Sundays.


If you are planning a vacation for this coming winter, and you have never been to any of these hotels, consider these things when selecting your fantasy destination.







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