The Hottest Memorial Day Weekend Event You Probably Did Not Know About

The Hottest Memorial Day Weekend Event You Probably Did Not Know About

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most popular times of the year for travel and events. From partying on South Beach to jumping on one of the many weekend cruises, there is no shortage of exciting, fun things to do over the last weekend in May when everyone breaks for the Memorial Day Holiday. However, if you have done it all or seen pretty much everything and you are in search of something completely different, then you may find it on the beautiful beaches of Negril, Jamaica.

Negril, Jamaica is home to the Caribbean’s longest white sand beach, the world-famous Rick’s Café, legendary sunsets and an annual Urban Festival known as Mocha Fest. What started out as a small event with about 150 people in 2014, is now threatening to become one of the top five places to be during the Memorial Day Long Weekend. Be warned; Mocha Fest is not your typical festival or Vacation Experience. Yes, you have the beach, incredible tropical weather, fantastic entertainment, but what makes Mocha Fest very different, is an atmosphere that encourages self-expression and freedom. Mocha Fest has grown from a single resort event to now being a complete destination festival with Multiple host resorts. However, the very first Mocha Fest was hosted at the infamous Hedonism II Resort, and if you know anything about Hedonism II, it is where people go to discover their inner-freak.

From clothing optional boat cruises, to paint parties and exotic male and female reviews, the parties and entertainment at Mocha Fest is all about pushing boundaries and giving the permission to do so to those that dare. Many people are dubbing Mocha Fest as the “Black Spring Break” but maybe with a little bit more mature audience. The crowd at Mocha Fest is primarily made up of African American Single Females, Couples and Single Males between the ages of 25 and 45. This type of environment may not be for everyone, but it’s perfect for those that may feel a bit confined in their everyday environment, and looking for an opportunity to completely let loose if it’s even for a few days out of the year.

In 2018, Mocha Fest will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary and the organisers VACATIONPARTIES.COM, now with the backing of the Jamaica Tourist Board, are promising huge things, from enjoying the performances of world class DJ’s and Artists to having out with some of your favourite celebrities for 5 days in Paradise. The official dates are May 23rd to May 29th, and people are not waiting to reserve their spot, as they have already completely sold out one resort and rooms at the other resorts are going fast. If you have your own accommodations, you can purchase your all-inclusive party pass starting at $250. This will give you access to 4 super parties, Mocha Fest after parties, food and drinks at all parties and shuttle service to and from your hotel to the party venues.

If you are in search of an experience similar to what Mocha Fest provides, then you can learn more about the event by visiting the official Website, MOCHAFEST.COM, or by following their Instagram Account that now has over 115K followers.


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