6 Things I Learned At My First Music Festival

6 Things I Learned At My First Music Festival

At the ripe old age of 20, I decided to take the leap and buy a ticket to my first music festival. Beyond the fact that there was going to be music and a heck of a lot of people over the three-day event, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t even know what kind of music I had signed myself up for.

Nonetheless, here are six weird and wonderful things I learned at my first music festival.

Festival People Are So Friendly

From the moment I entered the festival grounds, I was inundated with people waving, starting up conversations and inviting me to hang out with them and their friends. I didn’t expect my fellow festival-goers to be so friendly and welcoming, but it made me feel like I was part of a community.

During the festival, I learned that people were also willing to look after others when they needed help, even when they didn’t know them. At the end of the day, no one wants anyone to have a bad time.

You Do You

As a festival first-timer, I was blown away by the carefree vibes. Not only can you wear what you want (the more outrageous, the better), but you can do what you want without anyone judging you. I was dancing in my one-piece pyjamas in a mosh pit at 10 am to the sweet tunes of a brass band, and no one even questioned it. In fact, a lot of people just joined in!

Boys were wearing fluorescent pink crop tops, groups dressed as fruits, and girls wearing jumpsuits with Donald Trump’s face on it. Impromptu hokey pokey sessions became the norm, and people are cartwheeling or theatrically dancing stopped standing out to me after spending about half-an-hour at the festival.

The Amphitheatre Was So Well Furnished

I would never have thought to take my lounge suite with me to a festival, but it seems a few hundred other people did. Festival old timers were bringing couches and tables and setting them up in the amphitheatre to create the most comfortable festival experience for them and their mates. After learning this, I’ll be opting to spend my next festival on a plush sofa rather than sitting in the mud.

Glitter Everywhere

This is one festival stereotype I am glad is true. Glitter is a number one festival accessory, and I learned that decorating yourself and others with it can be a great bonding experience. Put it in your hair, on your face, or cover your whole body with it, as long as you sparkle!


One not-so-great experience as a first timer at a festival is the myriad of drugs all in one place. It can be confronting. Be safe, and look after yourself and your mates.

There’s More Than Just Music

You hear “music festival”, and one would assume that the music part is the sole event. While it’s certainly an important aspect of the experience, there is so much more to see and do. My festival experience had a sports zone (who doesn’t love totem tennis?), a Ferris wheel, massage stations, a night cinema, a nude running race and so many food trucks. If some of the music isn’t quite to your taste, or you just feel like a break from moshing to a band after band, there is plenty to keep you busy.

Music festivals can be great fun, with thousands of different people all coming together to embrace their shared love of music… but you’ll be washing off the glitter for a week #noregrets.

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