15 Hot Images That Will Make You Want To Attend The Next Audiotistic

15 Hot Images That Will Make You Want To Attend The Next Audiotistic

Audiotistic 2018 just concluded in The Bay Area for the second year in a row. Once again, the lineup was stacked with the likes of Kayzo, Ekali, Virtual Self, Slander, Nghtmre Jai Wolf and K?D. Taking place at Shoreline Ampitheatre, the 2 staged festival had all the makings of what you would expect from an Isomniac Event. If you weren't there here are 15 Hot Images That Will Make You Want To Attend The Next Audiotistic.



Spent this weekend raving with friends and making wonderful memories! I haven’t been to the gym in four days and I’m absolutely fine with it! The weekend was absolutely worth missed gym time, and I’m glad that I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t worry too much about potentially lost gains or not being lean enough. I used to worry about missing the gym for consecutive days and I think it had a lot to do with insecurity about my appearance. Part of me thought I had to look “ready” when I went out and that missing the gym would inhibit that. Upon contemplation, the problem was not how I looked before an event but how I thought I needed to look a certain way to have a great time. The happiest times in my life have had nothing to do with how I looked. I’ve experienced great happiness when I was leaner, fluffier, and everywhere in between, and the common denominator between all those experiences was the type of people who I was with at the time. I surrounded myself with people who I love dearly, and together we got to marvel at the wonders of nature, dance until our legs gave out, or listen to music that touched our hearts. How I looked at the time, which can only be remembered with a picture or video, did not get in the way of that. It’s currently summer in the US, and with that comes the unspoken pressure to look a certain way so you can have the best times. I won’t sugarcoat how your appearance can have an impact, but I firmly believe who you surround yourself with has a huge influence on the wonderful experiences you have. So please don’t prevent yourself from having a good time because of your appearance. You deserve to make awesome memories, regardless of what you look like. Happiness isn’t exclusive to certain individuals. That said, here’s a pic of me before day 2 of #audiotistic and a pic of the wonderful people I spent two days with! They made my weekend one for the books ????????

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Festival kisses ????????

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@love.you_em tastes like candy ????

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When #WCW and #HumpDay fall on the same day ???? I had such a wonderful time at #audiotistic this past weekend and met sooo many wonderful people! But I wanted to give a quick shoutout to these two amazing women who made my weekend extra special. You should know by now that @_basskitten is my girl, but ya’ll don’t know the half of it. This girl right here is one of the most caring people I know. She’s been there for me since day 1, even before we had ever met in person. She’s always there for me when I need someone, and never judges. Not only did I love spending another rave with you, I now can’t imagine going to an event without you ???? Seriously love you so much girl!! And my other boo @love.you_em ???? It was so wonderful to actually to get to spend some time with you this weekend! I’ve always ran into you at events but never actually got to talk and connect. Idk if you guys know this but she’s one of my #1 people I look up to on insta. But after talking to her, I now know there’s so much more than what you guys see on here. She’s such a positive and loving energy and now I look up to her even more! I love ya girl and I can’t wait to see you again! ???? Regardless of how Instagram can be competitive as shit and make you feel pretty alone, there is some magic that this app has brought into my life. I’m so thankful that my account and my time on here has brought me to some amazing friendships and brought so many positive women into my life. ????????????????

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blessed ???????????? #audiotistic

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