5 Hotels That Will Allow You To Get Your Freak On While On Vacation

5 Hotels That Will Allow You To Get Your Freak On While On Vacation

Some people travel for relaxation, some for business, some for sentimental reasons such as honeymoons, anniversaries and birthdays, while some of us go away for the sole purpose of indulging in as many forbidden fantasies as we possibly can. While it is easy to find many of the more conventional experiences at any tropical or exotic destinations in the world, it’s not quite as easy finding a place to vacation that will pretty much allow you to do whatever ever freaky shit you want to partake in, without getting kicked out or locked up in a foreign prison. If you are that person, the good news is, there are destinations, events and even resorts in this world, that will accommodate such behaviour. Here is a list of 5 Resorts in the world that will allow you to “Get Your Freak On” while on vacation. 

Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica

Negril Jamaica is one of the most popular tourist towns in the entire Caribbean. Known for its 7-mile white sand beach, cliff diving at rick’s café, high-end and low budget all-inclusive resorts and casual atmosphere. Negril is also famous for being home to perhaps the freakiest of all freaky places in the world, and that place is known as Hedonism II. Hedonism II is an all-inclusive adult only clothing optional resort that is known for their wild costume parties, nighttime naked hot-tub stories, and an overall free-spirited and liberal atmosphere. When you combine great tropical weather with unlimited alcohol, the option of running around naked and a bunch of freaky swinger couples, what you end up with is probably the most sexually charged environment in the world. This does not mean that Hedonism II is a “Free-For-All” do whatever you please type of resort. Mutual consent, respect and some general guidelines must be adhered to otherwise you risk getting banned and removed from the resort. The time of the year that you visit Hedonism II will determine what type of experience you find. If you do manage to find the right group of people to party with, there is no experience comparable to a Hedonism Experience.

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Temptation Resort, Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Mexico is known for its wild parties especially during Spring Break, however, if you are not a Spring Breaker, there is a place in the Mexican Tourist Capital where you can go all year round to party like a spring breaker but with a more mature audience. That place is known as Temptation Resort. Temptation is a topless option adult-only playground, so no, you cannot run around naked like you can at the other resorts on this list, but the atmosphere and parties and the mindset of the people that go to temptation are very much the same. Temptation Resort closed over a year ago and recently re-opened, now boasting over 450 of the sexiest and contemporary designed rooms you can find at a resort. The new Temptation also comes with a fine-dining restaurant called “She” that offers sexy striptease entertainment while you are being served a seven-course meal. From the “Sexy Pool” to the décor and the atmosphere, everything at Temptation Resort is just “Sexy”.

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Desire Riviera Maya, Cancun, Mexico

If you are married and looking to add some spice to your relationship, then join other freaky and adventurous married couples on vacation at Desire Riviera Maya in Cancun Mexico. The boutique style clothing optional resort only has 100 rooms, but they are mostly filled right through the year. Desire Riviera Maya is not the party and high energy atmospheres like Hedonism and Temptation, but the freaky content is very much present. If you are not sunbathing naked during the day, you are probably in the pool participating in one of the many freaky adult games hosted by their entertainment staff who not only organizes but participates. The nightclub at Temptation also comes with a “Play-Room” making it very convenient for you to get some action if you are in the mood while dancing and do not want to go all the way back to the room. After the night-club, you can find everyone at the roof-top Jacuzzi where anything and everything is possible.

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Desire Pearl, Cancun, Mexico

By now it is starting to seem like Cancun is the freaky capital of the world, as we have yet another Cancun adult playground on this list. Desire Pearl Resort is the high-end 5-star version of Desire Riviera Maya. Desire Pearl is even smaller than Desire Riviera Maya, but the concept is the same. It’s a Couples Only, No Singles Allowed, Adult Only, Clothing Optional, Freaky Couples Play-Zone. Desire Pearl, due to the expensive accommodations tend to be quieter throughout the year, however, if you can afford to go while they are hosting one of the many take-overs, then it is worth the money.

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Secrets, Hide Away, Kissimmee, Florida

Florida is filled with hotspots and sexy hangouts. There is not many places in the world sexier than Miami. However if you are not just looking for sexy, you are also interested in sex, then there is a little spot all the way out in Kissimmee Florida known as Secrets Hideaway. This is not your tropical exotic beach resort like the others listed above, but if you are in Florida or somewhere close, and looking for a sexy weekend, that includes costume parties, getting naked and having sex in an orgy room, then Secrets Hideaway will fulfil all the above-mentioned just fine. If you do not want to spend an entire weekend, you can check-out their Night Club on a Saturday night, but this will require you pay a membership fee for your first visit. There is nothing wrong with wanting to explore your naughty side every now and then. As long as the environment and the atmosphere are right, why the hell not, you only live once. If you believe in this philosophy, then start planning your freaky getaway to one of the 5 places listed above.

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