5 Things You Need To Know About The Newly Renovated Temptation Resort

5 Things You Need To Know About The Newly Renovated Temptation Resort

If you are reading this blog and you have never heard about Temptation Resort, let’s give you a brief introduction before we start talking about what’s new at this hotel. Temptation Resort is an Adult Only Topless Optional Party Resort located in Cancun Mexico. The hotel closed doors in 2016 to undergo a complete make-over, and the grand opening of what we are calling “The New Temptation Resort” was recently hosted in October.  Your VACATIONPARTIES.COM team had the honor of being one of the guests invited to the grand opening, and we want to share our experience at Temptation and the most noticeable changes with you.

The Hotel Is Stunning

Congratulations to Temptation Resort to a job well done. The hotel is spectacular and they have transformed what was at best a 2-star low budget resort, to arguably one of the most modern and sexy hotels in Cancun. The lobby felt grand with chic new furnishing, high ceilings,  a full bar and a café. The new rooms look like something from out of a futuristic movie with a smart panel beside the bed that controls the music, light, AC and controls for the blinds. The art on the walls was sexy and beautiful, the bathroom was spacious, and the shower was terrific.  The floor is the rooms are a bit slippery sometimes from the condensation, but once you figure out the correct temperature to keep the AC, then that goes away. 72 degrees Fahrenheit worked for me.

The Hotel Is A Lot Bigger

Temptation did not just go new; they also went big!! The old resort had 320 rooms approximately. The new Temptation features a brand new tower consisting of 130 brand new rooms, bringing the total number of rooms at Temptation to 450. Some people may have preferred the smaller more intimate resort, but for others, this means more people to party and get drunk with.


It’s A Little More Expensive

Gone are the days when Temptation Resort struggled to fill the rooms at the hotel, and you could pretty much find a deal any time of the year on any one of the popular travel booking websites. Or at least this is how the owners and management feel, based on the new price point. In 2018, Temptation prices will be up to 60% more than what they were before the renovations, and you can expect to see starting rates as high as $280 per person nightly, depending on the time of year. Knowing what I know about Original Resorts, I am sure there will be promotional rates, and if you talk to the right travel experts, you can still get excellent rates for your temptation vacation.

There Is No Night Club

The nightclub at the old Temptation Resort looked like a dungeon in somebodies basement, so I am happy they got rid of it. However, I am not sure exactly how I feel about not having a nightclub at all. The central entertainment area outside of the main lobby where they do the nightly show also serves as the space for after party dancing. For me, there was too much light, and that stage they use as a dance floor cannot fit more than 50 people at a time, too much sitting around and in general, there was not much dancing at all. I think this is something Temptation will need to work on if they are to become the party resort they are aiming to be.


The Sexy Pool Is Really Sexy

There were many incredible things about all the renovations and additions at Temptation. My favorite, however, was the new “Sexy Pool”. Oh my, was that pool sexy. Its central location made it convenient to get to regardless of what part of the hotel your room was located. The water level around the edge of the pool was about ankle height making those areas perfect for lounging and sunbathing while watching the pool games at the other end of the pool. Of course, there was a swim-up bar that made alcohol convenient, and if you did not feel like getting up, the poolside service was incredible, so you have no excuse to be without a drink in hand. The “Sexy Pool” is one of the main reasons I am looking forward to going back to Temptation Resort again very soon.



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