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Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is a huge cosmopolitan city where contemporary skyscrapers, state-of-the-art subways and pop culture meets palaces, Buddhist temples and street markets. The vibrant city of South Korea is both a modern and ancient city. You will find many amazing nightclubs as well as shops and markets. Being a river city, the nights are also perfect for a boat cruise.


It is not hard to find a party in Seoul. Every crevice in Seoul is filled with Koreans, friends, expats, couples, students and even business people having a good time. Whether you like clubs, bars or loungers or pool parties you can find them all in Seoul at nights. Seoul nightlife is surprisingly unique… some would even say a bit crazy at times but in a good way. This is probably the first impression most people get when they experience Seoul’s nightlife for the first time. It is hard to overstate how much nightlife this city produces. A city where the national past-time is drinking and all the locals love to go out and have a good time.


Koreans work and play hard, and what better way to burn some free time than partying it up with friends over a shared at one of Seoul’s amazing restaurants or enjoying shots of Soju at on of the hundreds of bars in the city. Try the Gangnam way of pouring each other’s drinks and experience the typical first, a second and third round of drinking — Karaoke included of course and end the night in fine style by clubbing and mingling with the rich and famous in one of the stylish clubs in Cheongdam and Apgujeong. Go bar-hopping and partying with immigrants in Itaewon or see how college students and underground performers party in Hongdae.


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