• New Orleans

    New Orleans


New Orleans or the “Big Easy” as it is popularly known as is a city in Louisiana on the Mississippi River that is known for its never-ending nightlife, dynamic live music and spicy, Creole cuisine reflecting its diverse culture. New Orlean’s festive spirits are personified by its Mardi Gras, an annual late winter carnival that is known for its street parties and dramatically costumed parades. 


Music is a big part of Nawlins’ culture — Jazz, rock, blues and Zydeco tunes ooze from every crevice of the city. But the main attraction, for many, is the Mardi Gras, over a million tourists join in on this over-the-top party with Carnival characteristics, featuring, masks, live music, gallons of beer and an overall wild time. If you can’t make it to Mardi Gras, there is still a hundred percent chance that you will find a party happening at any time of year, with revellers flocking Bourbon Street clubs until dawn.


Bourbon Street plays a huge role in making New Orleans one of the top partying destinations in the world. But, a lot of people love the city for its smaller features. Also, its European architecture is a top draw and also its bar scene, its local joints, and fascinating people. When you are tired of drinking and dancing all night, check into one of the city’s many, amazing boutique hotels.


There is also a secret nightlife scene in New Orleans, which features everything from underground pinball arcades and sex clubs, to Jazz clubs where top musicians pop in for a regular set. New Orleans also features massive Jazz Festivals annually, bringing more high quality, sophisticated parties to the Big Easy. New Orleans is also packed with cocktail bars, beer bars and also strip clubs. And if you are a foodie, nobody needs to sell you on the food scene. 



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