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Miami is a cosmopolitan city on the tip of Florida’s southeastern coast. Miami is one of America’s, and the world’s — most popular vacation destinations. Miami is known to be a destination that offers something that entices every type of traveller, from the trendy nightlife of South Beach to the hustle and bustle of the highly caffeinated energy of little Havana. The stylish hotels and boat parties of Miami Beach to the historic hideaways of Coral Gables. Endless shopping opportunities, sprawling malls, the list goes on.


Part of the reason why Miami is such a popular destination is that the city is America’s capital of EDM music, the brit-city of the now world-renowned Ultra Music Festival, and home to iconic EDM clubs such as LIV and Club Space. And though Miami is known for its non-stop partying lifestyle, the city’s nightlife options have increased immensely in recent years. South Beach or SoBe as it is commonly known plays a huge role in Miami’s party scene. It is a nightlife heaven for revellers with everything from dance clubs, cocktail lounges and dive bars, South Beaches’ diverse nightlife scene offers everything for the younger party crowds.

Like any other popular partying destination, Miami is overflowing with night clubs, it is almost impossible to choose which one to attend on a nightly basis, but is you need help you can check out clubs like Mokai, Wall Lounge, Bâoli, STORY, LIV Club Space, jut to name a few.



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