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    Las Vegas


Las Vegas, is a city located in Nevada’s the Mojave Desert, is a rest city popular for its colourful nightlife, filled with casinos, club and other nightlife and entertainment choices. The Strip is the focal point of the city, just over 4 miles long. This Street is home to unlimited themed hotels with intricate displays such as imitations of an Egyptian pyramid, fountains synced to music beats, the Vietnam Grand Canal and the Eiffel Tower.

When it comes to partying in the USA, no place tops Vegas — Sin City, America’s Playground, the Partying Capital of the World … all deserving names for this hotspot in Nevada. Many people consider Vegas to be the World’s largest theme park rather than just a city — it can dazzle as much as it can overwhelm, and that’s apart of the charm. Las Vegas is a city where complete freedom is permitted: Each night, Las Vegas attracts hedonistic party-goers to the vividly lit strip. While you may not want to reproduce “ The Hangover,” you certainly wouldn’t want to leave without experiencing a bit “Viva Las Vegas.” Just remember: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

Once upon a time, Vegas was just known as a destination for bachelors and Bruts, but today, Las Vegas is as diverse as it is flashy in that you can turn it into any getaway you like. You can opt for experiencing Vegas as the person who indulges in luxury spas, gourmet restaurants and high-end shopping. Or you can go for the traditional high-roller lifestyle complete with all-nighters at Casinos or Pure Night Club. Las Vegas is also a great starting point for outdoor activities, such as exploring the Grand Canyon or visiting the Hover Dam.


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