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Even though the long term residents of this Croatian Island may disagree, Hvar is considered one of the top party islands in the world. The Island of Hvar is the most popular amongst the Croatian Dalmatian Islands. It’s warm climate, incredible nightlife, history and architecture, makes Hvar a popular travel destination for celebrities, students, scientists and travelers of many different interests, amounting to as many as 20,000 daily visitors in peak travel season.
Whatever you are looking for out of your Vacation, you can find it in Hvar. Sightseeing, beautiful beaches, boat excursions, culture and culinary experiences. However, from June to September, Hvar comes alive when the tiny island is crammed with students and party seekers from all over the world, there to partake in the islands notorious summer beach parties and nightlife. During the day, grab a water taxi and head to one of the outlying islands such as Jerolim and Stipanska, where you will find beach bars pumping with music, alcohol and all the activities associated with music and drinking. Head back to the main island before sunset to enjoy evening entertainment at Hula Hula, before jumping back on a boat after midnight to party at the Islands most popular club, Carpe Diem. The Island of Hvar is also famous for it’s organized Pub Crawl that starts as early as 10:30 AM.
If it’s a party vacation experience you are looking for, you will not be disappointed if your trip takes you to the Island of Hvar


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