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Berlin’s nightlife is world renowned for its diversity, non-stop nightclubs and anything goes attitude. There is a wide array of nightlife establishments, from wine bars to corner pubs, live shows and underground events. The clubbing scene is arguably the best in Europe, and the streets are frequently filled with tourists and locals throughout the entire night. Dubbed the “Techno Capital of the World,” Berlin is known to have amazing Techno clubs, which regularly hosts some of the biggest DJs on the planet. 

Whatever kind of nightlife you are looking for you can find in Berlin by going to one the many live-music venues sprinkled across the city. You can find pretty much any kind of music bars and any style of music being played in the city. Try out one of the many cutting edge Jazz spots like Quasimodo in Charlottenburg or A-trane at Bleibtreustrasse to drink and dance all night to great music. If you are looking for social bars, there are hundreds to choose from in Berlin. You can visit places like White Trash Fast Food for a self-aware replica of an American rock bar or the Trust bar on Neue Promenade for a unique style of drinking with drinks served in brown paper bags, which adds up to a unique atmosphere and vibe.


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