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Barcelona is the capital city of Spain’s Catalonia region, that is known for its art and fascinating architecture. Considering that it is only the second biggest city in Spain, Barcelona is known to pack a punch on the nightlife scene. Whether you want to get high with the hippies or you want to get down with the rich and famous, you will find more than enough parties going on after the sun sets. 


A cosmopolitan city with a population of almost 2 million people, there is more than one area to experience Barcelona’s active nightlife. Anyone who’s been to Barcelona can tell that thy had an amazing time and that you simply must go, the people of Barcelona are extremely unique, and away from the overpriced, touristy, beachfront bars, there is plenty of overlooked parties to be had in the city.


Las Ramblas is the place to be at nights, with street performers entertaining well into the night, head off the main drag and you’ll run into the excitable Gothic Quarter and Born Street. Here you will find countless bars packed with locals gobbling up local tapas. If you want to hang with the locals, you need to stay and dance till the sun goes down. After that, you can visit one of the city’s numerous nightclubs that cater to every type of beat. If you love dance music, La Terrazzo is a hilltop, open-air club that is located within the walls of a replica ancient village, or you can head to Razzmatazz, that is known to be five clubs in one — rock and indie, pop and techno. 

On the beach is Burj-esque W, the bar scene there is ideal for Sunday cocktails stretching into the night. More sophisticated revellers who want to party away from the college kids should check out Luz de Gas.



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