Oktoberfest - 5 Days Hotel (Start/End Munich)

Days 5 | From: 705.00


Whether you're looking for an excuse to drink limitless beer for 5-days or you just want to wear knee-high socks and suspenders, Germany's Oktoberfest will give you so much more than you imagine. Parties, pork, playgrounds of amusement rides - this is a festival like no other. Crash out each night in the comfort of a luxe hotel & keep things flexible by meeting us in Munich.


Munich: Let's start our day with a team scream at the Bavarian capital of Munich this morning. Get comfortable in our new digs, and use the remainder of this day to catch up on rest or start joining the festivities, depending on your level of determination to make every minute count. But first, an orientation of the city, and your chance to pick up a dirndl or lederhosen for those keen to dress like the locals. Here are some facts to get you in the know: There are 14 main tents, the biggest holding 11,000 party people, so get your checklist as you make your way through as many as you can. It's been said that each year over 7.5 million litres of beer are guzzled, 500,000 roast chickens are eaten, and approximately 50,000 pork knuckles are consumed. So help those statistics and get eating! Inclusions: Locally guided walking tour of the city

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Munich: This is your chance to experience first hand the famous antics of a 200-year old beer fest. Get into the spirit of things by donning a Dirndl or Lederhosen traditional costume, and by consuming pretzels & sauerkraut galore. Over the next few days hop between festival tents and amusement rides & sample the many beers that make this such a loved affair. Take advantage of the additional activities up for grabs to mix things up and ensure you see the full picture of the city. You can get a fix on the ins and outs of the city with an optional bike tour of the city to get all new views (and take a break from the beer tents). They say that the more you learn about the past, the better prepared you are for the future, and will this in mind we include a trip to Dachau concentration camp, to pay tribute to the victims of some horrific acts that took place so many years ago. For those seeking castle vibes, you could head through the tree lined landscapes of Bavaria to Neuschwanstein Castle perched on a hill and definitely one for the bucket list. The inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's Castle, we're not kidding. Back at the festival, the fun will be in full swing, and we'll be saying an endless stream of 'prost!' as we toast the good life. Inclusions: Locally guided walking tour of the city

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Munich: Well, wasn't that the most wildly wonderful week of your life? Culture meets sightseeing meets running amok; all of our favourite things rolled into one. Oh, how we've bonded! Say your sad goodbyes and hug it out, anyone for St Patrick's Day in Ireland? Inclusions: Locally guided walking tour of the city

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