New Year in Amsterdam

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If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Amsterdam is the city that never forgets to throw a good New Year's. With 4-days on your side you'll uncover the hidden clubs, find the best cafes and have plenty of time to enjoy the endless cuteness of the city in between festivities. Did we mention free drinks?


London: Today we gather round in the heart of London, throwing high-5's to each other in recognition of the epic decision we all made to kick off the new year in Amsterdam. Let's do this!  Inclusions:

Dover: Shortly before we find our ferry to cross the English Channel, we'll be taking in the coastline beauty of the White Cliffs of Dover. They owe their gorgeousness to their composition of chalk - you're seeing things and we haven't even left the UK!  Inclusions: See the White Cliffs of Dover

Calais: Off the ferry we arrive in the port town of Calais - French soil! We travel north via Belgium before reaching ... Amsterdam! Inclusions:

Belgium: Inclusions:

Amsterdam: Time for a team squeal - we're here! Home of good times and cuteness galore. Fun fact: the city has 1539 bridges, 165 canals, and 2500 house boats. Yes, you read that right, and it's all here for you to explore. A tour of the city to get the facts on the city and all it's glory is up first, then it's dinner are on us. Later, the night is yours to start getting familiar with the scene that will ring in your best night of the year - we're calling it early!  Inclusions: See Amsterdam's canals & gable houses by night

Amsterdam: First thing's first - sleep in. You're going to need some energy preserved to get you through the evening ahead. Second on your to do list is a whole lot of exploring. Today we can opt onto a canal bike ride, explore the endless museums of the city like the Rijks, taste the local Heineken drop in its true home, make a sobering stop at Anne Frank Museum, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of goodness to be found. For those that like the laid-back approach, do some shopping, or just kick back amongst their famed cafe culture.The Heineken Brewery, the Van Gogh Museum, a tram ride, whatever floats your final day of the year boat. Tonight we meet up, find a local spot for dinner (pancakes for dessert are a must in these parts we'll have you know) then hit the clubs complete with free drinks and free entry. Here's to making this sort of VIP treatment a common theme of the New Year.  Inclusions:

Amsterdam: Inclusions: See the White Cliffs of Dover

Amsterdam: It's time to wake, sleeping beauties … or not so beauty depending on the evening you just had. Either way, it's a new day, a new year, and you're in Amsterdam - make the most of it! This morning we'll head into the beautiful countryside for a taste of tradition. Inclusions:

Edam: You know the cheese, and now you're going to know the place that pioneered it. This morning we'll head into the beautiful countryside for a taste of tradition, as we visit a local clog and cheese makers house. Inclusions: See the White Cliffs of Dover

Amsterdam: We'll indulge in some pizza and unlimited drinks as we cruise through through the canals to see the city under a flood of twinkling lights as you raise a toast to the year to come, because the party doesn't need to end on the 1st, right?    Inclusions:

Amsterdam: The festivities are over for another year. Pack your bags and get ready for a nice long nap, or a lot of reminiscing with the squad and a chat about a reunion tour for next year on our ride back to London.  Inclusions:

Belgium: Inclusions: See the White Cliffs of Dover

Calais: Inclusions:

London: Precious people of travel - we salute you! You rang in the new year in ultimate wanderlust spirit by kicking it in Amsterdam. Carry on adventuring your way through the next 12-months and you can't go wrong.  Inclusions:

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